Social Responsibility

Social Responsibility

(Cables & Components)


Businesses are part of a community. They are entities strictly linked with the society and the environment that surrounds them. They belong in a social statement and interact with it. There can be no society without a business, nor a business without a society. 

A business’s duty is to be responsible towards the society and the environment. 

Social and Environmental Actions

UTECO ABEE, taking into consideration this responsibility, applies a policy plan which includes social and environmental activity, cultural programs and research actions. They are defined by a human-centered and equal human resources approach. 

For UTECO, Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) is the number of activities and actions taken to deal with social and environmental issues that always occupy the global community. 

Our company has decided to serve the community, through the values and ideals of culture as they are expressed by art, sports, employment, youth, original creation and strengthen local and supralocal structures.

Care, adapt, contribute

Corporate Social Responsibility means that our company is committed to adapt with the constant sustainable improvements. Meanwhile, it is directly linked with our business functions, as it determines the future and vision of our company. The mission that we want to accomplish as well as the means to do it. 

Always following the values of Sustainability. 

Through CSR, UTECO expresses its commitment to the cause of Sustainable Development. The one that meets today’s need to ensure a better tomorrow. We put to use our powers, our resources as well as our partnerships to create a sustainable workflow in every stage of our business. We are not limited only to our accomplished actions, but we look into the process of them as well, ensuring our substantial contribution to local communities.