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Temperature Sensors and more …

UTECO  has 50 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing a wide range of temperature probes and level switches for all industries.

All these years, UTECO is the leading manufacturer of temperature probes in Greece & Cyprus with pioneer Know-how, production methods and technology state-of-the-art.

Our product range is covering all usual measurements which varies from a simple HVAC application to a critical point in a Power Plant.

Production line fully complies with ISO9001:2008 and ISO14001:2015

Temperature Probes has obtained Marine Type Approval from Lloyds Register (LR), one of the leading marine registers in the world.

With the LR approval, comes a global recognition that acknowledges our long-term experience (since 1972) and technical Know-How in the production of temperature probes for marine applications – a fact that not only makes us especially proud, but also gives UTECO a greater access to the marine industry globally.

As design professionals & producers we can work alongside with you to create specification suitable to your application.

Over the years UTECO has designed and developed many custom probes, incorporating a variety of special application probes/sensors for the Process Industry , Power , Chemical ,Pharma, Plastic, Solar, Building Management, Beverage, Metal, Furnace, Food Processing, Diary, Glass, Packaging, Marine , Oil and Gas,  customized constructions for OEM business, etc.

Well organized export department with deep knowledge of export procedures for each country.

Our presence, all these years in high demand and price sensitive markets, has driven us to meet High Manufacturing Standards, Production Flexibility in quantities & delivery times and Customized Products. UTECO’s objective is to meet its client’s needs and be the most desirable partner.


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