JUMO NESOS Point and Continuous Level Measurement


New product series for diverse applications

Point and continuous level measurement is carried out according to the Archimedes’ principle for liquids. The float moves along the guide tube as the level rises or falls. The magnet in the float actuates the reed contact – or several contacts – installed in the guide tube with its magnetic field.

Depending on further switching signal processing and application the switching functions are available as normally open contact, normally closed contact, changeover contact,or bistable response.

Further reed contacts allow the transfer of additional information pertaining to “Full” or “Empty”

reporting in the filling level.

Mounting generally takes place from above or from below via the thread or flange in the tank.

Special design types enable side attachment (e.g. via pipes).

With the level transmitter, the levels of tanks and containers are transferred with a quasi-continuous standard signal. Instead of a reed contact a reed chain and head transmitter are used for the interpretation of the level.

Explosion protection (intrinsically safe and flameproof enclosure) and shipbuilding approvals are available for applications with special requirements.

 Advantages at a glance:

  • Proven measurement method with robust technology and low maintenance.
  • Level measurements independent of container geometry
  • Independent from media properties in which foam formation, conductivity/permittivity (ε), pressure, vacuum, steam, condensation have an influence.
  • High degree of chemical resistance as different materials are available.
  • Level measurement with low filling heights 0.1 to 4 m.
  • Measurement medium temperatures up to -52 to +240 °C
  • Accuracy from ± 2 mm to 5 mm depending of the product group
  • Available materials for parts in contact with medium Stainless steel AISI 316, Aluminum, optional titanium, Hastelloy-C and others on request as well as customer-specific solutions possible.
  • Approvals (optional) : ATEX, IEC Ex, DNV GL

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