Why choose Uteco ?

Why choose Uteco ?

(Cables & Components)

For many good reasons…

We are working for your benefit. The effort, dedication, and attention to detail we put into our work each and every day is based on a long tradition that can be traced back to the founder Michael Athanasopoulos. He strongly cared about his customers – and we still do so almost 50 years later. The knowledge and understanding of our customers’ processes, we acquired over time, have turned into a foundation that you can build upon when you choose UTECO. With us you get:

Extensive product range

Whether you are at home in factory automation or process automation applications, we offer the solutions that exactly cover your requirements. Our vast product portfolio in industrial sensors and process interfaces enables us to fulfill all types of requests you may have – from supply of standard components to design and manufacturing of complex application solutions. As design professionals & producers we can work alongside you to create specification suitable to your application.

Highest quality standards

The extent of our portfolio is backed by the product quality we offer. Our temperature sensors are produced using high quality components. Our manufacturing site is certified to ISO 14001, and ISO 9001 through third-party certification bodies. We continuously optimize our processes to supply you with state-of-the-art technology and high-end products you can count on.

Reliability, Experience & Know How

We recognize that our products we supply are critical to the smooth and cost effective operation of our customers process. UTECO’s temperature sensors are designed to operate reliably under the harshest of condition such as ship environments.

Over the years UTECO has designed and developed many custom temperature & level sensors for special applications.

Customer Service

UTECO’s team of highly qualified experts has many decades of experience in designing solutions to meet our client’s exact need. Our service is prompt, personal and professional.

Automation is our passion and we take pride in finding solutions. That’s why you can expect to be provided with detailed application analysis and technical expertise for every UTECO product.

Customers worldwide are assured of a rapid response and competitive pricing.