(Cables & Components)

UTECO is a family owned company, running almost half a century. A management model between tradition and innovation.

We have been an owner-operated family business since its establishment in 1970. Our CEO Mr Athanasios Athanasopoulos and his sister Vicky manage UTECO together. They continue what has been important since its establishment by Michael Athanasopoulos .

The management has been building on this philosophy for over 50 years now and knows that good employee management, along with innovative solutions for customers, are the most important building blocks for a successful company. In addition to sustainable corporate management, to which the 2 Chief Executive Officers are committed, they jointly assume responsibility for the strategic further development of the corporate group.

Athanasios M. Athanasopoulos
CEO Second generation Chief Executive Officer

” Its all about synergies. “


Vasiliki Athanasopoulou
CFO Chief Financial Officer

” Strength in Unity “


Chris Konstantinakos
Business Unit Manager
USP – Uteco Sensors Production

“ We advise we design we SENSE for you ”


Elias Thessalonikios  
Business Unit Manager
M&I – Measurement & Instrumentation

“True quality leads to success we CONTROL for you”


Manolis Antypas  
Business Unit Manager
APM – Automation, Power & Motion

“Driving torwards the future we DRIVE for you”


Elina Kouvari
Business Unit Manager
C&C – Cables & Components

“Connecting your needs we CONNECT for you”


Thanasis Georgilis
Technical Services Manager

“We are part of the Solution”