Berthold Technologies is a privately held technology leader in life sciences, process control and radiation protection. We have been operating from Bad Wildbad in the Black Forest since 1949, maintaining sales and distribution operations worldwide. Our innovative technological solutions made in Germany are renowned for their accuracy, precision and unmatched reliability, helping customers to solve complex analytical challenges in a wide variety of industries, academia as well as federal and local government agencies. We enable our customers to improve life in meaningful ways.

The solution to critical measurement tasks for all process conditions, is our specialty. Wherever measuring conditions are extreme and conventional measuring technology fails, our radiometric systems are the answer in process measurement technology.

Using our diverse product portfolio, our enormous specialized knowledge and comprehensive 70 years of experience, we develop suitable solutions together with our customers for new, unique process tasks in a wide variety of industries and applications.

Berthold stands for excellent know-how, high quality and reliability. We know our business better than anyone else and can offer you the most effective solutions on the market!

Product Range
  • Level
  • Density
  • Concentration
  • On line moisture
  • Bulk flow

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